About Us


Who We Are

Based in British Columbia, Canada, Easy Technologies is an upcoming name for venture capital in venture gaming sector. Easy Technologies is renowned for developing advanced internet platforms in the online gaming area. Easytech provides the innovation, technology, and organizational framework behind many exciting software releases.

Easy Technologies Inc. is a publicly listed Company with a primary listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange, ticker: EZM |  ISIN: CA27786D1042

Easy Technologies also has a USA public listing as a Fully Reporting OTC Markets, ticker: EMYSF |  ISIN: CA27786D104

Additionally Easy Technologies Inc. has a secondary listing on the Frankfurt Securities Exchange, ticker: EY62 | ISIN: CA27786D1042 | WKN A2AEA9

What do We Do

Easy Technologies is a venture capital firm that invests in exciting new opportunities in the technology sector and brings dynamic products and services to market. With Easy Technologies, innovation comes as standard. Our partners benefit from investment to develop products and services, industry expertise to deliver value to end users and the ability to find an engage the target audience. Easy Technologies redefines the venture capital paradigm, working with exciting new companies and start-ups to deliver not only funding, but also knowledge, support, guidance and a clear path to market. In short, we take ground-breaking ideas and make them into reality.


Partnering for Success

Easy Technologies has broken new ground in various areas of technological development by partnering with some of the most exciting companies worldwide.

Vision for the future – Identifying Growth Opportunities

With a track record of successful projects and partnerships, Easy Technologies looks to the future. With an eye on the latest growth opportunities, Easy Technologies is in an uniquely strong position to fund, nurture and bring the latest innovations to market, and in a way that provides out-sized returns to investors.